Stories of the world of the near future. Remember: tomorrow is only one day away!

Chroniques des Temps Venir; Kroniek van een Toekomstige Wereld
After a global war for energy-reserves the world lies in shambles. Charles tells Simon how this took place.

The gangs from the suburbs called him 'Crazy Jason', but as a young man he was known under the name Jason Muller.













Life in a big city, after it has been retaken by the forest. In the zero-(and only)
-number of UNDERGROUND COMICS Auclair created this 4-page episode
of the Chronics of a Future World.
This section of the Chronics (Simon du Fleuve / Simon van de Rivier / Simon of the River) started with an expression of the impression Giono made about loving nature.






But if Jean Giono was to meet Sam Peckinpah........
The creations of Crespin.

Centre Pompidou in a big city, and a mighty forest.